I am a Graphic Designer working towards my MFA. I needed to do trivia quiz for the project and I came across to Savsoft Quiz website. At first I was not sure what I was getting because I did not know them but while working on the project they never failed to amaze me. These guys are very professional and friendly. To me design work means making numerous iterations until I reach the desired outcome and I was pleasantly surprised to find out Savsoft Quiz coders had same values as mine. They are very hardworking, friendly, knowledgeable and have strong work ethics.
Besides the quiz project they helped me to take care of my website. They can provide fully customized solutions for your website as well. Just ask them, there is nothing they cannot do. Every single of them are very talented, professional and always ready to help.
I highly recommend them if you are looking for a quality work and long lasting relationship with web and quiz builders.