Terms & Conditions & License Agreement

Terms & Conditions and End-User License Agreement (EULA)

This is a license agreement between You and Savsoft Technologies LLP for the use of Software and services listed in this agreement.

A) You is Client or user of software (referred as “you”, “your”, “buyer”, “user of application”, and/or “client” hereinafter)
B) Us is Savsoft Technologies LLP (referred also as “us”, “we”, “our” , “company” and/or “Savsoft” hereinafter)
C) Software is script, programming and code in various languages/platform like php, java, javascript, html, css etc.
D) Services are installation service, bug fixing services known as Standar support

By using our website (www.savsoftquiz.com, www.savsofteproducts.com or any of its subdomains and/or parent domains), purchasing, upgrading, installing and/or using any of our software we are selling (Software listed in section/point 1. ) either through these websites or selling through an authorized employee of the Company, you are agreeing to the following terms. Do not purchase, install, upgrade or use the software (also known as ‘script’, referred as “software” and/or “script” hereafter), if any of these terms are not acceptable for you . By accepting this agreement, purchasing any of the software, installing/upgrading any of the software or using the software, you agree to all of these terms, and agree to transfer some information during installation or befor purchase like domain name, server IP address etc. to validating or generating your license.

1. Software(S):
A) Savsoft Quiz Enterprise (Web application, PHP script) version 4.0 or greater than 4.0
Also known/referred as ‘Savsoft Quiz – Enterprise – Web Application’ or ‘Savsoft Quiz – Enterprise v4.2 EULA’
B) Savsoft Quiz Enterprise (Android App, JAVA based )
Also known/referred as android source code
C) Plugins or Addons for extended functionalities or features of basic or default software

2. License and Use Rights:
The software is licensed, not sold. Under this agreement, we grant you the right to install and run one instance of the software on your domain (the licensed domain), so long as you comply with all the terms of this agreement. Updating or upgrading from non-genuine software with software of us does not make your original version or the updated/upgraded version genuine and in that situation you do not have a license to use the software.

Any software that is licensed from us can be installed only in ONE domain for which the license key is generated. If you want to setup more than one website using the script, you are required to obtain additional license(s) from us. You understand that some of the files/code in the software are encrypted. You shall not decrypt/reverse engineer any encrypted code in the software. You should NOT remove, alter or obfuscate any instances of the script’s name or copyright notices found in the administration (admin) area and PHP source files. Anyway, you are allowed to remove the copyright notice with our permission, even though we reserve all the intellectual property rights of the software. The copyright and ownership of the software is with us and you are only a licensee.

3. Change of Domain Name:
A script license is granted for a particular domain name. If you want to move the script to a new domain, then you should place a request from the member area, which we may approve. Though we generally approve a change in domain name request, we reserve the right to deny any requests, with/without revealing any reason(s).

4. Transfer/Change of Ownership of Domain:
If you run an online business based on our script, you may sell/transfer the domain to a third party subject to the terms and conditions mentioned herein. All the terms of this agreement will be applicable for the transferee/new owner as well. You shall duly inform him about the terms of the agreement and the buyer/transferee is supposed to follow all terms and conditions mentioned herein. In an event the transferee doesn’t follow any of the terms of this agreement, the license could be revoked without any notice, without having any kind of liability either on you or the transferee.

5. Standard Support Service:
You are entitled to receive free “basic support” (Standard Support) for the software purchased from us upto a maximum period of 1 year from the date of purchase of license. The standard support will ONLY include basic feature clarifications and bug fixing if any occur . Standard support service does not include any kind of customization. Standard Support service only delivered through email. Response time is one working day and maximum resolution time is 2 working days. Please mind that debugging an issue might sometimes take more than 2 working days in which case you will be notified.

6. Installation Service:
It include installation and configure of script on your server or hosting. Setting up of server, third party packages, third party add ons are NOT part of the installation service. The server environment where we intend to install the software should meet the basic system/third party utility/package/installation requirements that each of our software may require. Installation service will be provided by our developer(s). we will not guide you how to install. mean no coding level support.

7. Updates:
You will receive download link of updated software or auto updates for 1 year from the date of your purchase. Updates will remove/replace any customization done by you or our team. we are not responsible to re-customize your script after updates.

8. Access to Server for Support Purpose:
To avail any kind of support, you must provide a web based proper access to your server with database access (if required). If we are not given proper access to your server, installation environment and the database, support given to you will be limited to feature clarifications only.

You shall NOT give us access to your installation environment, once the software is installed. In the event you want our staff to access your area, after installation, you agree to do that in your own risk and you hereby agree that you will NOT hold us liable for any kind of damages it (such access) may cause directly or indirectly to your server, data, files or installation environment. We highly recommend you NOT to give access to the installation environment to a third party (including our staffs) after installing the software. We are not liable for any damages or loss in violation to this clause.

9. Customization or Modifications:
Any customization or modifications you may want from the script/software may/may not be addressed by us but it will be considered as a variant software from the software from its default form only. If we decide to work on the variant of the software you could be licensed to use the said variant keeping the terms of use same as the standard form of the software. You shall follow all the terms of this agreement, as far as the software, software variant and the area customized is concerned. We reserve all the intellectual property rights of the custom software made and you will be allowed to use a license of the software in your licensed domain, with the terms exactly as the terms of use of default form of the software. You shall not decrypt/reverse engineer the encrypted code in the software. You shall not cause the license validation stop working.

10. Third party software/code:
Our software may use some of open source third party code/software/script/libraries (eg. jQuery, google chart etc..) to provide some features/functionality in our software. These third party codes are may/may not licensed under open source and allow (or may not allow) for both commercial and non commercial use but still you have option to disable these third party code in our software (in config file or setting). if you didn’t find the option to disable any of third party software/code, you can ask our support team to disable in coding level. By disabling these third party code may/may not stop some of features and functionality in our software. You are fully responsible for the use of these third party code. Our software may include some of required part of these third party code so that you can setup/install our software easy (otherwise you have to download code externally and place to correct location). You are only paying for software/code written/developed by us (Mean we are not charging/costing for third party code/software).

11. Refunds:
We maintain demo services for each of our software. Please try it out with the online demo links available on our website and make sure that the product fits your need before placing your order. All payments are final and no refunds will be issued once the payment is made. If you have any concerns, please take enough time testing the software on the demo and ask questions to our sales team online or by phone or email before you buy the software.

12. Copyrights and other Intellectual Property Rights:
All our software listed and/or being sold on this website(www.savsoftquiz.com) and/or sold through an authorized employee of the Company or authorized reseller are copyright protected software. All and the entire intellectual property rights on the software/scripts are reserved to us (Savsoft Technologies LLP) only. You do not have any kind of intellectual property rights or any other rights on the software, under any circumstances. You are only allowed to use the software in the licensed domain as long as you maintain an active license with us, complying all the terms of this agreement.

UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, UNDER ANY LAWS, no rights of the software/customization/ software variants is given/transferred to you. We reserve the entire and exclusive rights of the software, customization and/or the software variants.



13. Arbitration:
We hope we never have a dispute, but if we do, you and we agree to try for 60 days to resolve it informally. If we can’t, you and we agree to binding individual arbitration in the manner mentioned below, and not to sue in court in front of a judge or jury.

Any dispute or difference arising out of or in connection with this agreement, including any question regarding its existence, operation, termination, validity or breach thereof shall be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration as per the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996 and shall be conducted by the arbitrator appointed by the Company, in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of Indian Council of Arbitration for the time being in force. Place of Arbitration shall be Patiala (A city in Punjab State in India).

Also under any circumstances, the maximum liability for our Company for any dispute arising anything in connection with this agreement shall not be more than the standard price of the software license you purchased from us or the price you have paid to us for the purchase of the license of the software, whichever is lower.

14. Modification:
We may modify these terms or add any additional terms that apply to a Service or Software to, for example, reflect changes to the law or changes to our Services or Software. You should look at the terms on our website (www.savsoftquiz.com) regularly. We may/may not post notice of modifications to these terms on this page. By continuing to use Software after the revisions come into effect, you agree to be bound by the revised terms.

Agreement date: 1 Jan 2018
Last Modification date: 1 Jan 2018

If you bought our software/service before this agreement date then our previous agreement and terms & conditions are applied to you.
You can read our previous agreement at https://savsoftquiz.com/wp/index.php/terms-conditions/