Question Bank

Create and store unlimited questions in question bank and assign into categories and levels

You can create 5 types of questions

 Multiple choice single answer. you can also use this type as true-false or (yes or no )

 Multiple choice multiple answers.

 Short answer or Fillups.

 Match the columns.

 Long answer.

Add question manually or Import questions from MS excel(.xls) and MS word(.docx) file.

For manual input you have option to use TinyMce or CKeditor (You can switch editor in config file)

Suggest duplicate questions

Avoid duplicate entry of question into the question bank. Its difficult to remember which question you already added into question bank. so enterprise version has feature which fetch the list of similar or same question before submitting new question.

Integrate with Question2Answer

You can integrate it with question2answer script which is available at .
On result page at view answer section, the best answer from question2answer script will be fetched here (if any exist)

Support mathematical equations

Support mathematical equations in question editor.


Note: MS Excel supports text only format and Word file support Text & Image format. Fore more download sample files in online demo. It doesn’t support special character or drawing content.



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