eLearning & Other Features

Live Classroom

Live classroom to share live text with users.

Any text typing by admin will be visible instantly to online users.

Admin can attach/share any file (image, pdf, ppt, doc etc..) under live classroom.

To know more try online demo.

Social Groups

User & Admin both can create social groups, invite and add other users into group. Social group helps to compare score & rank of any quiz within selected (joined) group.

Study Material

Admin can upload study material and assign into category and user group. you can add attachment of pdf,doc,docx,xls,xlsx,jpg,png


Admin or sub admin can ask to createand upload assignment within group. Users can upload pdf or doc file of assignment which will be evaluated by admin/sub admin manually.

Appointment System

On result page there is button to book appointment to discuss question paper or another queries with the admin who created that quiz. Appointment time request will be sent to admin for approval after that skype id will be shered to user. Our future approach to link it will google calendar and payment gateway

FCM Notification

FCM is firebase cloud messaging system powered by Google.
It is a free service from google and our web and android app is ready to use this service. You can send notification to your user’s Web browser (Desktop) and Android phone.
Eg. A user opens quiz app on your domain (through desktop/laptop web browser) will be asked to subscribe notification service. Then any notification sent from admin panel of quiz app will be delivered to that user’s desktop screen, even if your website is not opened in browser (but browser should be in foreground or background)

Language translation

Now it is easy to translate language of complete application (except validation error messages).

You can change language in single file located at /application/language/english/basic_lang.php

Social share

Share your result with upto 20 social networking websites like Facebook, twitter etc..
It supports sharethis APIs

Installation service from Experts

No need to pay time for installation or trouble shooting for installation. Our experts are availble to do professional installation of Savsoft Quiz and generate Android apk (ready to upload on google play store).

Configure settings

Our experts will help you to configure SMTP, FCM – Firebase Notification, Payment Gateway

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You are free to remove our logo, brand name and powered by backlink.

Standard support service

Found any issue or bug?
Don’t worry, enterprise version comes with one year standard support service. You can raise support ticket through our client portal or directly contact through email. Our technical team are available on Mon-FRI, 10 AM to 5 PM (IST GMT +5:30). Normally issue will be fixed within 2 working days.

Free updates

Keep your quiz application up to date with new features!
You will get free updates for one year.


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