Give us just 2 minutes so we can explain briefly about our Product.
You already read Savsoft Quiz is an application (software,script,code) to provide you online quiz (exam,test,assessment) service on your website or server.

How it is useful for me?
1) Online Quiz, Exams, Tests and Assessment for your Institute or School
2) Recruitment Process for your organization
3) If you are developer then we are sure you have clients who needs this application.

How it works?

Add/register users

Create Questions & add into question bank

Create Quiz and add questions from question bank.

Attempt quiz by users.
Generate Result Report, Certificate.

Savsoft Quiz has many more features which are not possible to explain by writing, we recommend you to try online demo.

Online Demo Pricing

What our clients say about us

I am Anurag Choubey, founder & quantitative aptitutde faculity of Clat Gurukul, Patna IN. we are using Customized version of Savsoft Quiz since 2012. Savsoft Quiz is an effective, user friendly and convenient way to conduct quizzes or exam on your website. I highly recommend it as a tool for quizzes and tests.

Anurag Choubey

I am a Graphic Designer working towards my MFA. I needed to do trivia quiz for the project and I came across to Savsoft Quiz website. At first I was not sure what I was getting because I did not know them but while working on the project they never failed to amaze me. These… Read more “”

Paula James

How you will reach to us again?

You may like Savsoft Quiz and would like to use it later.
But how you will reach to us again?
May be today you reached here by google search and search result changes frequently.

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