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Administrator login:
password: admin

User/Student login
password: 123456

Demo - Android App
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Test Login:
Password: 123456

Server Requirements:
PHP 5+
One MySql Database (v5+)
Linux or Windows server ( Recommend Linux with cPanel hosting)
Minimum 35 MB Disk space (web space)

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Savsoft Quiz is a web application to manage online quiz or examination. Read Features

Savsoft Quiz developed in codeigniter framework.
Coding language PHP and Databse MySql

Yes, we are providing full source code. you can host it on your server or hosting.

Savsoft Quiz is free to download and use for both Commercial & Non Commercial purpose

We will provide you support for bug fixing if any exist or any issue occurred due to server configuration.
Our experts will fix any bug within a working day from your notice.
Note: It will not include any customization/modification service.

Yes, we provide customization service. you can contact us with your requirement.
Customization charges will be extra depends upon your requirements

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Savsoft Quiz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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