Online Demo - Savsoft Quiz Web application

Administrator login:
password: admin

User/Student login
password: 123

Savsoft Quiz Android application

Savsoft Quiz Android App, which fetch the data from web application (Savsoft Quiz installed on your server). Android App has user side (not admin side) features like:
1) User login and New Registration
2) Quiz list
3) Attempt Quiz
4) Result List
5) Change Password and Logout
6) Share
7) Your Brand Name (App Name)
8) Your Logo & Launch Icon

Demo - Android App
Click Here to Download Demo App.
Test Login:
Password: 12345

Android app is only available with commercial license of Savsoft Quiz. Click here to buy it.

Server Requirements:
PHP 5+
One MySql Database (v5+)
Linux or Windows server ( Recommend Linux with cPanel hosting)
Minimum 35 MB Disk space (web space)